Luxembourg in transition 2050

Project in brief

The PLDP, in collaboration with the University of Groningen, is responsible for the assessment of the Citizens’ committee as part of the national consultation Luxembourg in transition 2050.




Dr. Raphael kies (University of Luxembourg)

Dr. Léonie de Jonge (University of Groningen)

Lisa Verhasselt (University of Luxembourg)


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Luxembourg in Transition

Project description

Luxembourg in Transition is a process in which 10 international multidisciplinary teams of architects, urban planners, landscape designers and other industry professionals are, between mid-2020 and the end of 2021, envisioning scenarios and proposals for how the territory of Luxembourg and its border regions can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Department of Spatial Planning of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning has decided to accompany this process with a Citizens’ Committee, the Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050.

Evaluation of the process

The evaluation is based on:

  • Online questionnaires during different parts of the process.
  • Semi-structured interviews. 


Report web format: Evaluation-of-the-Biergerkommitee-Letzebuerg-2050

Report book format: Evaluation-of-the-Biergerkommitee-Letzebuerg-2050-spreads

Executive summary in French: Evaluation-du-Biergerkommitee-Letzebuerg-2050-Resume-analytique.pdf

Executive summary in English: Evaluation of the Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050 – Executive Summary