Project in brief

Smartwielen is a project of the University of Luxembourg, the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung and the LISER. The website is an adapted version of smartvote, a so-called VAA (Voting Advice Application).




Dr. Raphaël Kies (University of Luxembourg)

Dan Schmit (until september 2021) (University of Luxembourg)

Dr. Marc Schoentgen (Director, ZpB)

Michele Schilt (Deputy Director, ZpB)

Jenny Gross (Project Manager, ZpB)

Dr. Denisa Sologon (LISER)

Dr. Peter Shirley (LISER)


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Project description

First introduced by the University of Luxembourg during the national elections 2009, smartwielen has since then been implemented for each national and european elections. Smartwielen is the only voting advice application used in Luxembourg and has become a reference information tool among the Luxembourgish population, political parties and candidates.

The smartwielen questionnaire has been designed by a combined project team of the University of Luxemburg, the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung and the LISER. In order to guarantee a comprehensive, significant, valid and politically neutral questionnaire, the team consulted with a large number of interest groups and civil society organizations, as well as journalists from multiple media organizations. Additionally, a workshop was organised for young people to make suggestions for questions. At the end of January 2019, a customized website was put online, allowing everyone interested to submit question suggestions.


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