Klima-Biergerrot / Citizens' Council on Climate

Project in brief

The university of Luxembourg, through the PLDP, has composed a research team to accompany the Citizens’ Council on Climate composed of a hundred members.




Dr. Raphael Kies, PLDP

Lisa Verhasselt, PhD candidate, PLDP

Dr. Emilien Paulis, PLDP

University of Groningen

Université Libre de Bruxelles


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Project description

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced during his State of the Nation speech that he wants to convene a Citizens’ Council on Climate. This Citizens’ Council is composed of a hundred members who represent the demographic reality of Luxembourg, taking residents into account, but also cross-border workers. With the support of experts, these 100 citizens discuss specific climate issues, develop and suggest solutions/alternatives and indicate if they seek to go further than the National Energy and Climate Plan (PNEC).

The project was initially supposed to run over 6 months (January-July 2022, with the first session on January 29, 2022) but to ensure that the KBR members had sufficient time to finalise their work, the project was extended until September 2022.

The KBR members met on the following occasions:

  • 5 online debates with experts
  • 5 working weekends, including optional study visits before each weekend

Late June, early July the KBR’s second phase took off to finalize the recommendations.

Considering the very busy schedule, the 100 members were divided into 60 effective members and 40 substitute members. The effective members were expected to participate in all the activities described above. The substitute member could participate in the online debates and the study visit but not the five working weekends, except when replacing an effective member.

In line with Luxembourg’s multilingualism discussions took place in Luxembourgish, French, and English. The participants could use the language in which they feel most comfortable, and simultaneous translation was ensured during the plenary meetings.

On 15 September 2022, the final recommendations will be presented to Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and the media. A debate in the Chamber is scheduled for October.


Evaluation reports

Executive summary in English

Executive summary in French

Report web format

Report book format

Work Program

Organization and facilitation

The process is facilitated by Oxygen sarl and Pètillence sarl.

Evaluation of the process

The university of Luxembourg, through the PLDP, has composed a research team (with scholars from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Groningen) that has the following missions:

  • Set up a supervision committee
  • Ensure the scientific follow-up of the consultation
  • Conduct a survey of a representative sample of the population
  • Write the final report