Min Reuchamps

Professor of political science at the UCLouvain

Multi-level democratic innovations: another Belgian specialty?


Min Reuchamps is a professor of political science at the UCLouvain. His research interests include democratic transformations and innovations as well as participatory and deliberative methods. Prof. Reuchamps has extensively observed participatory and deliberative processes. He himself participated in the design of some of them, such as the permanent citizen dialogue in the German-speaking Community (Belgium). For Prof. Reuchamp, the main challenge of participatory democracy is to involve people who usually do not participate. Talking about Belgium, the professor notes that it has both the luck and the misfortune to have different levels of power. On the one hand, this makes the country less readable, but on the other hand, it allows participation at different levels of power.

Additional Info

Year: 2023
Language: FR


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