Sana Hadžić-Babačić

Co-founder & president of ETICC

Facilitating Active Civic Participation through Civic-Tech


Sana Hadžić-Babačić is a committed European citizen and co-founder – president of the association ETICC which stands for Europe Technology & Collective Intelligence for Citizens. In this interview, she tells us about the goals of the association and how citizen intelligence can promote participatory democracy. In a world where technology is developing so rapidly, the ETICC is paving the way for a more ethical and human approach to the production of collective intelligence by and for citizens. The main objective of the ETICC is to foster links between individuals, organisations, academics, associations, economic actors and practitioners while promoting active civic engagement. The ETICC believes that it can restore trust in society and have a lasting impact on society by creating sustainable participation projects.

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Year: 2023
Language: FR


#Democracy, #democratic innovation, #digitalization