Participatory budget for Dudelange

Project in brief

PLDP is accompanying the City of Dudelange in the launch and implementation of its participatory budget – the first for the city and in Luxembourg.




City of Dudelange



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Project description

PLDP is honored to support the City of Dudelange in the launch and implementation of its participatory budget – the first for the city and in Luxembourg!

In the framework of the convention between UNILUX and the City of Dudelange, the Luxembourg Platform for Participatory Democracy carries out :

  • an overall evaluation of the participatory projects in Dudelange (in particular the participatory budget);
  • support in designing and implementing the participatory budget;
  • valorisation of the participatory projects of Dudelange and in Luxembourg through the Luxembourg platform for participatory democracy (;
  • conceived before the launch of the participatory budget, the evaluation aims at studying the difficulties encountered as well as the successes of the process in order to adapt and improve the following editions.


What is it about?

The participatory budget is part of the global budget of the City and offers the opportunity to the inhabitants of Dudelange to propose different citizen projects and to vote for those they prefer. This participatory approach is part of a will to involve citizens in projects designed to improve the living environment of the city.

Work Program

The main steps:

1. The projects submitted are studied individually by the City’s departments in order to analyze their admissibility and their legal, technical and financial feasibility.

2. Admissible projects are then put to a vote.

3. The winning projects are those that receive the most votes until the total budget of €100,000 is reached.

4. They are then implemented and evaluated.

Selection of participants

Who can submit a project?

All residents over the age of 14 and the city’s associations can submit a project, regardless of nationality. Projects can be submitted individually or collectively, within the limit of one project per person. Each project submitted must mention a person in charge.

Evaluation of the process

Evaluation Methods:

  • Online survey
  • Analysis of participation on the platform
  • Interviews with participants and organisers
  • Observation (e.g. at the market)